There are 8 gyms on the server for you to battle and earn badges from. Each gym has several gym leaders, all of whom are players on the server. Each gym has a level cap as well as a badge. To view your badges, you can use the command /badges.

When attempting to battle a gym, notify an online gym leader, warp to the gym, and stand on the emerald. The gym leader will then be able to teleport you inside.


An Emerald inside the fighting gym

The following is a list of gyms:

  1. Flying Gym - 3v3 Level Cap 25
  2. Bug Gym - 3v3 Level Cap 35
  3. Normal Gym - 3v3 Level Cap 45
  4. Ghost Gym - 3v3 Level Cap 50
  5. Fighting Gym - 4v4 Level Cap 55
  6. Steel Gym - 4v4 Level Cap 60
  7. Ice Gym - 4v4 Level Cap 70
  8. Dragon Gym - 4v4 Level Cap 80

In addition to level caps, there are several rules:

  • No OHKO moves
  • No FEAR strategies
  • No BuildAPokes
  • No Glitched Pokemon or Moves

If you would like to apply to become a gym leader, you must first get tested. To get started, visit the forums.[1]