Where do I go to heal my pokemon?

A question asked a lot, all you need to do is go to /warp heal and it provides a healing center, PC, trading area, and a nicely designed area!

What is the safari zone?

Ever looking for a place to train your pokemon but cannot get any low leveled pokemon in the wild to spawn? Well, safari zone is here for you! /warp safari provides loads of useful pokemon to train off of and to get off to a head start, after all, you don't want to be left behind! There is also a healing area so if your pokemon faint, you don't have to go back to spawn! Also there are loads of custom pokeloot (over 30!) that you can find throughout your journey in the safari zone!

Safari Ball (Ilustración)

What is Crescent Isle?

You may be asking yourself; "Where do I train my pokemon when they are too high of a level for safari zone?" Have no fear, Crescent Isle is here! Crescent Isle is similar to safari zone, but Crescent Isle provides loads of high leveled pokemon which average around level 70 so if you are trying to become the master, I would recommend training here!

What are the gym warps?

Pokemon johto gym badges by johnriddle20-d36s1l8

Well, if you take a look at /warp you will find all of the gym warps such as /warp steel or /warp bug where you can fight the gym leaders and claim victory!

What is the rules warp?


Self explanatory, /warp rules provides information on how not to be bad on the server, such as scamming people, harassing people, and the most common thing known in Minecraft; griefing. We do not want griefing in our server, so keep it clean and have fun!

What is The jail warp?


Self explanatory, a place where people who are bad on the server go. Lets just say you don't want to be there.

Warp to EV Training?

Yep, there is a warp to EV Training! All you need to do is /warp evtrain and you will be there in no time!

Is there a warp to a casino?

Indeed there is! We have a /warp slots so if you need to get your inner gambler out, or just to have fun, go to /warp slots ! It is great for getting some rare pokemon, but watch out for those rattata!

I need an arena to battle my friends, where do I go?

/warp arena provides all the things you need in a pokemon battle! it provides a healing center, PC, and more!