Special Evolutions Edit

There are many oppertunities to evolve pokémon the most common one is to level up a pokemon. Some pokémon evolve at a very low level like level 5 and some of them evolve after level 40. I made a list for you how to evolve pokemon that won't evolve by level up. Because not all pokemon that evolve with a special evolution are in pixelmon yet. When new pixelmon will get introduced we (TeamKarpwikia) will change it soon as possible

Stones Edit

There are several stones in the pixelmon mod to evolve your pokémon. This is a list how you can evolve your pokemon.

Water Stone Edit

Poliwhirl-> Poliwhrath

Shellder-> Cloyster

Staryu-> Starmie

Eevee-> Vaporeon

Fire Stone Edit

Growlithe-> Arcanine

Arcanine with her puppy's

Vulpix-> Ninetails

Eevee-> Flareon

Thunder Stone Edit

Pikachu-> Raichu

Eevee-> Jolteon

Leaf Stone Edit

Gloom-> Vileplume

Victreebel ART

Weepinbell-> Victreebel

Exeggcute-> Exeggutor

Dusk Stone Edit

Mukrow-> Honchkrow

Misdreavus-> Mismagius

Lampent-> Chandelure

Sun Stone Edit

Gloom-> Bellossom

Cottonee-> Whimsicott

Honchkrow and Mukrow

Moon Stone Edit

Nidorina-> Nidoqueen

Nidorino-> Nidoking

Clefairy-> Clefable

Jigglypuff-> Wigglytuff

Trade Evolutions Edit


Kadabra-> Alkazam

Machoke-> Machamp

Graveler-> Golem

Haunter-> Gengar

Boldore-> Gigalith

Trade Evolutions while holding a item Edit

Poliwhirl(King's Rock)-> Politoad

Slowpoke(King's Rock)-> Slowking

Electivire The beast in the Rain

Scyther(Metal Coat)-> Scizor

Seadra(Dragon Scale)-> Kingdra

Porygon(Up-Grade)-> Porygon2(Dublious Disc)-> PorygonZ

Rhydon(Protector)-> Rhyperior

Electabuzz(Electrizer)-> Electivire


(Magmarizer)-> Magmortar

Happiness Evolutions Edit

These pokemon need a happiness of 225 or higher, otherwise they won't evolve. 250 Happiness is the max.

Golbat-> Crobat

Chansey-> Blissey

Eevee(Day Time)-> Espeon

Eevee(Night Time)-> Umbreon

Umbreon beutifull

Pichu-> Pikachu

Cleffa-> Clefairy

Igglybuff-> Jigglypuff

Azurill-> Marill

Munchlax-> Snorlax

Riolu-> Lucario

Swadloon-> Leavanny

Attack Based Evolution Edit

Yanma(Ancientpower)-> Yamega

Piloswine(Ancientpower)-> Mamoswine

Location Based Evolution Edit

Magneton(Extreme Hills)->Magnezone

Eevee(MossyRock Nearby)-> Leafeon

Eevee(IceyRock Nearby)-> Glaceon

Pokemon Based Evolution Edit

Mankyte(LevelUp With a Remoraid in your pary)-> Mantine